The SmartSoc™ 3D Scanning System is the latest addition to Orthomerica’s US FDA 510(k) cleared image capture devices for manufacturing of STARband and STARlight Cranial Remolding Orthoses.

The SmartSoc system is currently available for cranial remolding orthoses ordered directly from Orthomerica. Future applications will include prosthetics, lower extremity orthotics and clinical documentation modules.

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Existing Orthomerica customers may enroll online here. New customers please enroll here.


Apply the patented SmartSoc printed with hundreds of individual markers on your patient. That's it—no calibration necessary—you're ready to start the scan.

Smart Camera

Use the Smart Camera with CurveCapture™ Software to take photos of your patient from different angles as requested on screen. This special software, exclusive to Orthomerica, sends the data to the eBrace website.


Here, 2D photos are converted to a 3D model. Review, configure and place your order. Track order history and prepare new orders to sync to CurveCapture.